What’s the main purpose of content marketing?

It’s not just about promoting the content you develop. First and foremost, it’s about developing great content, which the audience wants to read, watch, or listen to.

The 2019 Content Marketing Survey from Marketing Insider Group shows that content creation is the principle focus among marketers. Here’s an important insight: 56% of B2C marketers increased the spending on content creation over the last year. But what makes a content marketing campaign successful? – The strategy.

The report shows that only one third of content marketers have a well-document strategy. We need to change that.

If you intend to make a project popular, you need to use a website planning tool, or several of them.

We’ll suggest a list of 8 content marketing tools that work.



This is a social media management tool, which lets you see activity from all profiles on a single feed. You can track the performance of your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. But that doesn’t have much to do with planning. Hootsuite gives you a special feature to help with that.

You can schedule social media posts to be shared at the right time. Since all platforms give you analytics tools, you can see when you get the best results. The optimal posting time is different for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media. When you identify the best time for sharing content, you’ll use Hootsuite to plan and schedule.



This is a content curation tool and an editorial calendar at one. Through content curation, you get insights in the activity of your competitors. That’s a great way to get ideas for your calendar, but you’ll also collect analytical data to use in your posts.



When you get a great idea for new content, what’s the first thing you do? You need to see how your competitors tackled the same topic.

This is the tool to help with that. It gives you an organic search report for any keyword you plan to target. You’ll see how your competitors handle that keyword, and you’ll access the most popular posts that target it.

Then, all you need to do is plan to write something more successful. You can fill in a gap. If you notice that no one delivered a case study or a white paper targeting the keyword, you can write an essay about stereotypes to develop complex content. It’s important to plan content that’s not only better than what the competitors offer, but different as well.  



Jumpchart is a specialized website content planning tool, which connects all your teams. Your online project involves clients, copywriters, designers, project managers, and developers. Instead of going forth and back with emails, you can get everyone here and share a map that outlines the plan.



Email marketing is an important element of your content marketing campaign. It lets you connect with leads on a more personal level.

That aspect of the strategy requires planning, too. MailChimp gives you all features you need. You get templates, scheduling tool, and analytics that help you develop an effective email marketing plan.



You can rely on this website planning system right from the start. The way you plan and design the website is the foundation for a content marketing campaign. The design has to be beautiful, and it should convey the same message you plan to share through the content.

Slickplan gives you cool features: sitemap builder, content planner, diagram maker, and design mockups.



Have you thought about search engine optimization? A content marketing campaign that’s not based on SEO is a paradox. Of course you’ll optimize for the search engines, and you need a tool to support that process.

SEMrush gives you all features you need for developing a good SEO campaign: position tracking, semantic core collection, technical SEO audit, and more.



This is a collaborative tool that brings your team together. They can plan and organize the content schedule, but they can also track the results here.

It’s very simple to use, and the color-coding system gives hints on the progress of the tasks. You can see the members who are still working on their tasks, the ones who are done, and the ones who got stuck.

The Right Tools Make Your Job Easier

When trying to make an online project successful, you absolutely need the right content marketing tools. They help you plan a campaign, carry it out, and measure the results.

It’s important for marketers to use tools that bring the entire team together.

You got a nice selection of content planning tools above. All you need to do is choose the ones you’re going to use.

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