The classic game we’ve been waiting for is here and many PS4 and Xbox users can’t’ wait to play it. We are talking about American Fugitive, an action-packed game inspired by Grand Theft Auto and developed by Fallen Tree Games Ltd.  You’ll love the game if you are a fan of GTA-style games. Just like GTA, you can die (get wasted) or fail a mission. Also, you need money to level up, which means you have to commit crimes. So, what can you do to stay alive in American Fugitive? Well, read on to find some useful survival tips.

Steal and Pawn

When playing American Fugitive keep in mind that you won’t get the things you need for free. It’s not a free world! You need to buy a number of essential items to survive including good, attire, guns, and a reliable means of transport. Luckily, there are numerous ways to earn money so there’s nothing to worry about. The first one is robbery. Yes, you need to steal!

The pawn shop will be one of your favourite places to visit if really want to stay alive in American Fugitive. Every time you get lucky to steal something, head to the shop and pawn it to get some money. There are all kinds of places to steal things including private properties and stores. You need to survive so you can’t afford to be afraid of trespassing on people’s properties. Everything will be okay as long as no one sees you. When you enter a store, make sure you steal expensive items because you don’t want to risk your life only to end up with worthless items.  

Use Weapons to Break into Houses and Restrain People

Of course, you will need some sort of weapon and important things like keys to steal the items you need in order to survive. Luckily, some of the things you need are easy to find. If you need to break a window, you can do it using a stone. If you find a door secured with a lock, you have to look for the owner and find a way to grab the key even if you have to beat someone. Watch out for people coming out of houses because they could be holding the keys you need to enter their house. A rope could also be a useful tool if you need to restrain your potential killer when looking for useful items. For instance, you may use a rope to restrain store owners and other people if you don’t want to kill.

A gun is one of the most useful weapons you need when playing American Fugitive. You should look for a gun that suits your current mission. If you need to shoot from close range, for example, you should look for a shotgun. Your cell phone comes in handy because you can use it to purchase guns. You should also take advantage of the search feature to find the things you need.

Use Powerful Vehicles

American Fugitive features all types of vehicles and some of them are not fit for some missions. The best thing is to experiment with every vehicle you come across. You can buy some vehicles using your cell phone. If you want to take out some vehicles and get rid of chasing cops, look for the Tow Truck. Sometimes you need a fast machine to complete a mission and run away from the cops. In this case, you should look for the Hotrod.

Be Smarter than Your Pursuers

If you find yourself in trouble, you need to be smarter than your pursuers. Even when playing easy-to-play games like Kiwi pokies , you have to come up with smart strategies to boost your winning chances. Likewise, you should come up with strategies when playing American Fugitive depending on the situation. Using powerful vehicles is definitely a great strategy, but sometimes you need to hide behind objects or jump onto a moving train to lose the cops.

When it comes to firefights, make sure you reload before the fight. Also, you don’t want to attract the attention of the cops with your gun. Keep it in a holster. If someone happens to spot you and you kill them, make sure you hide the corpse and stay away from the property.

Complete as Many Missions as Possible

You’ve been framed for your father’s murder and your goal is to reveal the real culprit. The only way to find the culprit and make big money is to complete missions. Complete as many missions as possible and you’ll eventually have enough money to buy everything you need. Make sure you don’t shot the cops or civilians for no reason if you want to stay alive for long.


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