With so many promising games launching this year like Catherine: Full Body, you might be wondering what else will launch this year. Well, Oculus has the newest, coolest VR setup on the street this year. Being the go-to brand when it comes to VR gaming with the Rift and the Go, it seemed all Oculus needed to do was to keep releasing new VR headsets with updates every year like any other tech company. However, Oculus had something different up its sleeve. It had the Quest.

Photo by Maurizio Pesce / CC BY 2.0

Photo by Maurizio Pesce / CC BY 2.0

What is the Quest?

The Oculus Quest fills the gap between the Rift and the Go. It’s wireless like the Go, but it has the ability of the Rift. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when talking about the Quest. With the Rift, you use it with a gaming computer. Your graphics, memory and data all come from the computer, and the Rift allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual reality (VR) environment. The sensor, of course, tracks your movement and applies it to the gameplay.

So, how is the Quest different? It does not require a computer or sensors. It comes either with 64GB or 128GB, and the price jumps by $100 when you double the storage. The storage can be a downside to the Quest, considering how much memory VR games need. Also, the price may be a little discouraging at $399-$499, depending on the memory option. However, Oculus claims that gameplay is as good as it is with the Rift. But is it?


If you love playing VR, then, of course, there are games that you prefer, like Beat Saber or Robo Recall. In fact, lots of companies have geared up for the new changes that come with the Quest to make sure their content is ready to play like PokerStars VR, the previously mentioned Beat Saber, Robo Recall and of course, The Climb and Moss. But are these games as good with the Quest? That depends. Your Rift setup is quite dependent on your computer setup. As long as your computer is up to spec, then you’ve probably had a seamless play in VR with the Rift. The Quest has everything you need in the headset: the tracking, processor, storage, RAM, everything. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor will run the Oculus OS, which is a variation of the Android. This setup should make the gaming seamless. As far as what games you’ll be able to play, you’re limited to what the Oculus store will have in stock. According to release information, the Quest will launch with 50 games. And if you have an extensive VR library that consists of Oculus and Steam content, you won’t be able to access your Steam content. So, if you like having options in content that you play, then the Rift still gives you the best deal.


The Oculus Quest uses inside-out tracking. There are four cameras on the corners of the headset allowing the Oculus Quest to scan the room you’re in and make a map of your surroundings. That means you won’t walk into any barriers, and it makes your game space more fluid and allows for a larger gameplay area without as much setup as the Rift. While the Rift requires at least two sensors and a decent amount of room in your play space as well as you to set up a barrier wall, it seems that the Quest does it all without as much hassle. It’s one of the advantages of the Quest.

Is the Quest worth it?

If you already have the Rift with a computer that’s up to spec and your favorite VR games, then you’ll probably want to stick with the Rift. As far as gameplay and graphics go, the Quest is quite similar to the Rift. However, you won’t have as much content, and with a price tag of $399-$499, you might be better off waiting for the price to drop. However, if you want completely wireless gameplay, and you don’t already have a setup, then the cost of the Quest could be worth it. It all boils down to the gameplay you’re looking for, and the immersive experience you prefer.


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  1. Reace Mart

    No. The quest is not better. It is a compromise for those without a decent gaming PC (doesnt even need to be high end anymore… a gtx 1060 is the RECOMMENDED card).

    The freedom of movement is good, but doesn’t quite offset the immersion provided by much higher quality graphics of the Rift S with a PC.


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