The insane mix of wireless devices we carry is growing — I’m talking about your phone, your work phone, smart/fitness watch, wireless earbuds, gaming devices, tablets, mini speakers, and much, much more. The sheer volume of devices has given rise to a new device — a battery to charge your devices when you can’t plug in!

The ChargeHubGo+ from Limitless Innovations is the latest of a string of batteries to enter the arena. This one’s hook is simple: both Lightning and USB-C charge cables are built into the device, and a full size USB out power port rounds out the capabilities of the power pack. This means, in theory, the ChargeHubGo+ (Say that fives times fast…) can power anything, and it can power three devices at once.

But here’s the party piece, the ChargeHubGo+ is also a 5W wireless charging pad. I like that. Far too often we are given a “one or the other” approach to emerging technology. Sure my iPhone 8 can go wireless, but my Fitbit can’t. So plug one in, place one on top, and we’re juicing! Sometimes you need wires — USB is hardly “universal” with Apple’s connectors, full-size USB, USB-C, micro, mini, etc.

I like this product. It’s not a car battery, so don’t forget that IT needs charging as well, but it will more than satisfy whatever needs your earbuds, watch and phone have on a long trip, like a cross-country plane ride. And that’s all you need. We’re not talking about the End of Days here or a trek up the dangerous Appalachian Trail here. You need something to keep the devices on and happy. This does it.

The 5000mAh battery won’t recharge your laptop or give you multiple runs with the iPad, but it’s more than enough for day-to-day power needs, and you don’t have to pick and choose who gets the charge first.

I’d like to have seen a small solar cell on the reverse of the product — giving you that sense of limitlessness — but I’m not complaining. The ChargeHubGo+ is barely heavier than an iPhone and at under $40 should be a no-brainer in every go bag and carry-on.


Primary Features

  • Wireless Charging – Cable-free by simply placing a compatible device on top of the ChargeHubGO+
  • 5000 mAh Power Bank to keep most devices charged while on-the-go.
  • Slim Design for purse or pocket
  • 1X USB Charging Port provides patented SmartSpeed Technology for an optimal charge to virtually any USB device
  • 2X Built-in Charge Cables

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