Arctic Infiltration is a suspenseful tactical underwater game.

The game takes place under the surface. You are part of a squad of attack submersibles sent on a mission to stop terrorists who have commandeered an hidden underwater military facility somewhere in Antarctica.

The hidden facility is enormous. Explore interconnected passages featuring: underwater caves, maintenance tunnels, missile silos, medical bays, crew quarters and many more!

The environments permeates deadly radiation that must be avoided and plunges the military base underwater, crumbling apart as you explore and progress. We’ve created a vibe of tension and suspense, as you pilot your submersible alone through the game.

To spice up the exploration, AI controlled enemies must be eliminated and secrets must be discovered. Use a robotic arm to manipulate items – or the hydraulic drill to cut through weak areas of ice. Use a wide range of weaponry to blast all the enemies out of your way, or choose to silently pass through to progress further in the facility.

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