The adage ‘All work with no play makes (insert your name) a dull person’ is an axiom we use to remind ourselves to set aside time to unwind, relax and take a break from whatever it is that’s keeping us busy. In the modern world, relaxing is akin to the entertainment of which movies are a significant part. In this article, we’ll cover five of the best media players for the streaming of movies in the current market.

Top Media Players

Thanks to technology, even how we work and subsequently entertain ourselves has changed immensely. Laptops, phones, tablets, PCs double up as workstations and entertainment hubs by the click of a button. Here is the deal though; none of these devices is built for entertainment; hence the need for additional platforms. This is where media players come into play no pun intended. Media players are software that enable one to stream movies or listen to music. Some media players come pre-installed in a device while others come separately.

  1. VLC

Was there any doubt? The most famous and ubiquitous of media players, VLC is a cut above the rest simply because it’s free, user-friendly and the volume goes up to 200%!

The free and open source media player developed by the VideoLAN project has slowly but surely amassed a massive following because of its ability to play anything! That’s right. If VLC can’t play it, then it’s corrupted. This justifies its colloquial moniker ‘The Universal Player’. It cannot, however stream Hulu, Amazon and Netflix.

  1. Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media player formerly known as XBMC player that supports a glut of video and audio formats hosted locally and on the internet. Developed for the gaming console known as XBOX, the developers at Kodi placed their main focus on a user-friendly interface and personalization. For this reason, it is among the few media players that are open source making it extremely customizable. Its media centre and content streaming functionality enables one to access YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix among an array of streaming services currently available in the market. Kodi player is only available for Windows-powered devices. What’s more, the Covenant add-on for Kodi brings with it an even wider variety of TV shows and movies.

  1. 5KPlayer

A relatively new entry in the media player game, don’t let the novelty of this player fool you into thinking it has a lot of catching up to do. An immediate advantage of this media player is that it’s compatible with both Windows and iOS devices.

5KPlayer supports the Apple AirPlay feature which enables one to play music on wireless Apple devices. This is especially helpful if you have just acquired the Apple AirPods. As if that’s not enough, the 5KPlayer is designed in such a way that it does not take up the resources of the computer. Hence it will at no point slowdown the PC.

Another helpful feature in this player is that it enables the user to download videos and other multimedia presentations from a multitude of sites. It is free for download.

  1. Plex

Plex is the only media player in this list that is available in the free to download version and a premium plan. The premium plan is for those interested in paying a little something for additional quacks, features and functionalities. A major selling point of this media player is that it allows syncing of content across devices so that one can enjoy content across many devices. This is efficiency personified.

Plex also has another interesting feature that is parental control to block sensitive media in the case of minors. Plex media player has a unique feature called easy-share which is a media management feature. With this feature, one has the discretion on what content to make public for others to access and what remains private. Plex enables users to cast the material they are watching to a larger screen. Movie night redefined!

  1. KMPlayer

A sublime offering from the streaming service Pandora TV, KMPlayer is the Swiss knife in the media player industry. This apt description can be attributed to the vast array of video formats it supports. The video and audio effect options available are nothing short of breath-taking as they enable one to have unparalleled control over the visual and sound presentation.

It’s important to note that this particular player is only available to Windows users and for the latest version of windows (Windows 10) KMPlayer comes with its own inbuilt and compatible codec. This media player also supports high definition (HD) videos.


Ladies and gentlemen, complaining about media players should be a thing of the past once you lay your eyes on this article. With these five of the best media players in the market, we guarantee you a movie streaming experience like no other.

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