The latest Reportlinker survey on the gig economy shows that 76% of people are convinced freelancers are happier than other professionals.

This feeling of happiness is much more shared than in the 2017 version of the research (+11 points), which shows that this alternative working life may be perceived as increasingly attractive.

Key findings of the survey show that:

  • 32% of traditional workers would consider turning to freelance (vs 26% in 2017)
  • And 76% of them are ready to do it within the next 5 years (vs 32% in 2017)

These figures confirm that the attraction around the gig economy has grown for the past two years.

When giving the main reason for a change, the top 3 incentives mentioned are:

  • “Being my own boss” for 27% of respondents
  • Having flexible working hours (21%)
  • A better work life balance (15%)

The top 3 biggest turn offs mentioned are:

  • The lack of financial security (23%)
  • No retirement benefits (22%)
  • The lack of job security (21%)

To see all the survey results, please click here.

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