Okay, so maybe this isn’t a movie in the technical sense, but this latest aspect to the Reputation era has Swifties and non-Taylor fans alike buzzing. The two-hour special Taylor Swift: Reputation Stadium Tour hit Netflix on December 31 and has captured a wide audience. If Netflix isn’t your streaming preference, the film has made its way to other sites, including 123movies.

As someone attended the Reputation Tour in person, I was excited to compare the two and see if I should have just saved my money and enjoyed the experience from the comfort of my own home. After watching the special and attending the concert, I’d have to say it can go either way. Yes, the concert was amazing and a great experience. However, if something kept you from going to the tour, you won’t be disappointed in this alternative experience. If you did go and you want to relive the magic, you also won’t be disappointed.

The Structure

Going into this, I was curious what the structure would look like. Were we getting some behind-the-scenes insight or just following the show as if we were there? The special brings Taylor Swift to a new level of accessibility that you can’t get from the pricey concert tickets. It brings the mega-concert production to your home.

The movie follows the concert experience from start to finish and brings back some great performances that I had honestly forgotten about in the blur of the night. It was captured during the Dallas, Texas performance in October 2018, the last U.S. stop on the tour. That alone brought a special energy as Swift wrapped up one leg of an ultra-successful stadium tour.

The Design

The film gives the opportunity to really see the design and detail that went into this concert. It covers everything from the multiple stages, special effects, costume changes, and choreography. You get up close to the details, from the different mics Swift uses to the facial expressions of her dancers.

The infamous snakes of the Reputation era are in full force, making an appearance in videos, holograms, and even in giant prop format. The visuals were stunning in person and on screen, too.

One unique aspect of the concert were the light-up wristbands that every concert-goer was given. On the film, you get great views of those bracelets changing colors with every song.

The Closeness

The movie brings the bigger-than-life, stadium performance to the screen but also scales down to some close-up interactions with Swift. Viewers get some great slow-motion shots and see some of Swift’s various smirks and facial expressions that you wouldn’t get to see as an audience member. Her energy is large and evident throughout the special.

Swift makes the experience intimate with both solo piano and guitar performances. She brings a mix of both old and new songs, often mashing up Reputation songs with some fan favorites. The emotional roller coaster of her song progression, from “Love Story” to “…ready for it” tells so many stories that fans love. She often stops to share words and stories with the audience, creating some intimate moments for fans at home to re-watch over and over.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing a concert in person is great. However, it is not accessible to everyone. That is why releasing the concert in a streaming format makes it so great. It is much more accessible to people who can’t attend a tour for various reasons. If fans were hoping for some behind scenes moments, they might be disappointed. If they want to follow along on the roller coaster that is this concert, they’ll be golden. Overall, this is the next best thing to actually being at the concert.

Blast Magazine rating: 4 out of 4 stars
Running Time: 2 hours 5 minutes
Rating: TV-PG
Directed by: Paul Dugdale
Cast: Taylor Swift, Camilla Cabella, Charli XCX
Produced by: Simon Fisher, Jesse Ignjatovic, Jonathan Mussman, Thad Nalitz, Evan Prager

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