Known for her wit and bubbly personality, Jojo Fletcher rose to fame after participating in ‘The Bachelor Season 20’. She competed for Ben Higgins in this season. She was among the top two finalists but lost to Lauren Bushell ultimately. After gaining such massive popularity on the 20th season of ‘The Bachelor’, she became the Bachelorette star for the next season. Out of all the 26 bachelors who competed for her, Jojo Fletcher selected Jordan Rodgers as her soulmate and got engaged to him in the finale of the season. Jojo Fletcher is a successful and charming lady, who is loved by the audience for her loving and sweet nature.

Early Life Influencers Ashley Tisdale Kailyn Lowry Holland Roden Corinne Olympios Jojo Fletcher was born on November 1st, 1990 in Dallas, Texas. Jojo’s birth name was Joelle Hannah Fletcher. Name of her father is Joseph Fletcher, and he is a doctor. Soraya Fletcher is her mother, and she is a social worker who travels to poor middle eastern countries. Her mother is of Iranian origin. Jojo has two siblings along with two half-brothers in her family, named as Rachel Fletcher, Peter Fletcher, and Matt Patton, Ben Patton respectively. Jojo Fletcher appeared in a show called ‘Ready for Love’ along the side of his brother Ben Patton.

Education and Net Worth

Jojo has graduated in the field of Medical Humanities from Baylor University. As suggested by her academic background, she seems to be very intelligent and sharp. At such a tender age of 26, she has managed to achieve so much in life. It has been reported in 2016 that she has a net worth of approximately $400,000.

Jojo Fletcher’s Career

Talking about Jojo Fletcher’s career, she shot to stardom when she participated in ‘The Bachelor Season 20’ and won so many hearts through her charm and bubbly personality. In this show, she had to compete with many girls of her age for winning the heart of Ben Higgins for marriage. Higgins is a famous business analyst with a charming personality. Unfortunately, Laura Bushnell won the show and got engaged to Ben Higgins.

Even if Jojo Fletcher lost the show and was unable to win the heart of Higgins, she managed to earn millions of fans through her presence of mind and attractive personality. She became so famous after this show that she was chosen to be a star for the next season of ‘The Bachelor’. Several young men participated in ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 12 and competed against each other to win Fletcher’s heart.

Jojo as an Entrepreneur

Apart from her presence in the field of American television shows, Jojo Fletcher has got some great entrepreneurial skills. She is the owner of a real estate development business company called JHF Reality Development. This company is indeed a success.

Relationships And Love Life

Jojo Fletcher’s personal life is not so private anymore, there has been a lot of talks about her relationships and love life in media everywhere. It is a known fact that Jojo had fallen for Ben Higgins when she participated in ‘The Bachelor’ and had to face a significant heartbreak when Ben has chosen Laura over Jojo. She was very shattered due to this heartbreak.

Ben Higgins and Jojo Fletcher shared great chemistry on the show, and everyone including Jojo expected that Ben will choose her over Laura in the finale. Ben has even confessed his love for Jojo in the previous episodes of the show. But no one knows why Ben Higgins has eliminated her at the end moment. This unexpected elimination of Jojo Fletcher came as a shock not just to her but viewers of the show as well. Jojo’s elimination left her wholly shattered and heartbroken.

She has been an inspiration for many girls. The way she dealt with her heartbreak is worthy to be praised. She never looked back and tried to cope with her heartbreak in the best possible way she can. Jojo did not give up and started her journey to find her soulmate with the help of ‘The Bachelorette’ again. She is a perfect example of the saying that “what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger.”

When she came on the show again, she never expected that she would find her true love again, in Jordan Rogers. Jojo and Jordan shared great chemistry, and finally, Jojo has chosen Jordan as the winner of ‘The Bachelorette’ and got engaged to him on the show.

The couple has recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of their companionship. She is entirely in love with Jordan Rogers, and they both are having fun together. On asking about their wedding date, Jojo responded that she is committed to Jordan, but they are in no hurry of getting married. The couple also wants to keep their wedding a very personal affair and denied to have a T.V wedding like other couples on ‘The Bachelorette’. Jojo said that she wants to share her special moment with family and close friends only.

Like every famous couple, Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers have also faced some little bit controversies around their relationship. The couple had become the talk of the town when they unfollowed each other on social media for a short period of time. The rumours of their break up started to spread. However, they both followed each other again soon, and neither one of them commented on this fuss.

Some Interesting Facts

Jojo Fletcher has looks to die for; she is blessed with an attractive pair of eyes and a beautiful smile. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 60kg. Her sun sign is Scorpio. Fletcher is a firm believer of the Christianity faith, and politically she is a Republican. Jojo’s ethnicity is Persian.

She has a massive fan following on her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. She has about 2.2 million followers on Instagram right now.

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