Each game set in the Mario Bros. universe has its own, unique selling point; that main gameplay feature that makes fans say “wow!” In the Super Mario Bros. games, it’s fast-paced, challenging platforming and in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine, it’s puzzle solving and exploration of beautiful and vibrant worlds.

But in addition to these prominent, back of the box features, the talented development minds at Nintendo also manage to include a selection of mini-games in the Mario Bros. games. These smaller games may not be the main focus for players, but they enhance and add to the entertainment factor. Here are some of the most popular Mario Bros. mini-games.

Mario Party Mini-Games

Like those aforementioned Mario Bros. titles, the Mario Party games also have a selling point: that they’re entirely comprised of mini-games. The family-friendly franchise has spawned 18 titles in total (including main series entries and spin-offs), each allowing players to go around the board collecting coins and completing mini-games in an effort to rack up the most stars.

Nintendo is rumored to be working on a new Mario Party game for Nintendo Switch and some of the mini-games that fans are eager to see return include Booksquirm which sees the characters try not to get squished by the turning pages of a book, Bowser’s Clawful Climb which sees players scurry up a tower in order to escape Bowser, and Burnstile in which players jump to avoid a spiked arm that can knock them into the lava.

Super Mario Odyssey’s Slots

Nintendo Switch exclusive Super Mario Odyssey is chock full of mini-games that players can discover as they explore the game. When Mario visits the Sand Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, and Luncheon Kingdom he can play the slots mini-game, spending coins for the chance to win a Power Moon, a regular heart, a Life-Up Heart, and 40 coins. The payouts are not unlike the William Hill slot games such as Golden Jungle which offers golden treasures as a payout, as well as the Mega Pots Bar-X slot which incorporates gold coins and gold bars for that real feel of riches.

Nintendo also continues to add new mini-games to the game, most recently with Luigi’s Balloon World. In this mini-game, players can hide balloons and find those hidden by other players.

 Super Mario 64 DS/New Super Mario Bros. Wanted!

Wanted! is such a popular mini-game from the Mario Bros. game universe that Nintendo brought it back, featuring it in multiple titles. Wanted! first featured in Super Mario 64 DS and allowed players to locate one of four characters (either Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi) in a sea of other characters. The mini-game was also in New Super Mario Bros.

There is also a multiplayer mode that makes the mini-game much harder and if players select the wrong character, they can lose a point. It makes for a fun-filled affair.

The Mario Bros. games are among the most popular that Nintendo makes and the mini-games are a large reason for that. It’s unclear what brilliant mini-games Nintendo will come up with next, but fans will be excited to find out.

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