Sports betting has gone through a remarkable evolution over the past ten years, as a result of innovation and technological advancement. Some of the key drivers of this change are the introduction of in-play betting, cash-out features, and the emergence of mobile devices. All these combined have contributed to the current state of sports betting and players are having a blast.

With so much development that has already taken place, what other possibilities are there for the future of sports betting? Let’s take a peek at two of the most probable advancements in the sports betting industry.

More Players Will Use Bitcoin

This cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity and there seems to be no stopping its growth. Right now, more and more online casino sites are offering bitcoin as another mode of payment as this gives their players more options, greater security, and faster transactions. This trend is also rising in the online sports betting arena, with operators integrating this cryptocurrency with popular banking methods, such as credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Interac, instant banking, iDebit, eCheck, and Paysafecard. This makes it possible for players to make instant deposits and instant cashouts. Click here to check out the best betting sites by sport – whether that’s NFL, UFC or NBA.

It is not impossible for this cryptocurrency to dominate the online betting industry a few years from now. Aside from faster transactions, sports betting with bitcoins makes it easier for bettors to keep their bankroll entirely separate. Moreover, this digital currency’s promise of transparency and significantly lower fees also make it easier for players to optimise their returns. From the operator’s perspective, bitcoins allow them to maximise their profitability as there is no need for conversions between currencies.

The Rise of Cross-Platform Sports Betting

Contrary to what most have feared in the past, the emergence of online betting platforms does not mean that land-based sports wagering will lose its momentum. Although online platforms do offer a lot of incentives to players, physical locations never ceased to attract bettors. It is no longer a question of which one to choose and, in the near future, cross-platform sports betting will dominate the scene.

This would mean that land-based sports betting establishments will be further integrating interactive technology in their offered services. At present, traditional bingo halls in the UK have already embraced this type of integration, featuring interactive LED screens, computerised draws, and a wider range of payment options. As this platform will soon be adapted in the sports betting scene, land-based sports betting shops will continue to attract younger players and maintain its relevance in the sports betting market.

These are just two of the things that are likely to happen in the near future for sports betting, considering the current trends in the industry. And with how technology never ceases to surprise us, it is not impossible for greater things to happen for bettors and operators alike, in both land-based sports betting shops and online sports betting sites. Needless to say, players have so much to look forward to, while enjoying all the features that are presented to them today. 

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