Fans of breakneck speeds are sure to enjoy Antigraviator, Cybernetic Walrus’s sleek futuristic racer gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “pretty fast”. In fact, the developers did away with a speed cap meaning you can see for yourself just how blurry things can get when you’re flying at 9,000 kilometers per hour. We tried the game ourselves and can safely say fast is good.

Antigraviator features three different modes in online or local four-player multiplayer where the objective is to be the first one to cross the finish line. In addition to collecting energy and boosting your way past your rivals, the game also features traps you can activate which act like power-ups in other racing games. You can send rockets to track down the player in front of you, for instance, or trigger a rock slide. Using traps also grants you a temporary shield allowing you to use them defensively as well. You can also be aggressive and roll your vehicle onto your enemies to further damage and slow them down.

Of course, you want to go as fast as you can to both win each race and to knock out any time trial record you encounter so you also need to drift around corners and catch every boost you can along the way. A couple of the tracks we played had us flying over large gaps so if your movement was off, you could easily end up flying off to your doom.

Featuring twelve gorgeous tracks across four environments like a lush rainforest and arctic mountain, the game is truly a sight to behold. Even at top speeds, this racer maintains a smooth framerate that further highlights its sleek visuals. You have three vehicles to choose from and each one can be customized to your needs meaning  you can make a speedy glass cannon or a robust tank that has stable acceleration. Skins can also be unlocked with each track you unlock.

With its smooth controls, gorgeous visuals, and thrilling racetracks, Antigraviator is shaping up to be one impressive racer. We enjoyed the freedom of going super fast and leaving our opponents in the dust. Expect the game out soon this year on Steam and console.

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