How To Get Rid Of An Error With A DLL Element: Detailed Instructions

Any operating system is not totally immune to errors. Some of them can be crucial when the device completely loses its efficiency, and some concern only certain elements of the system. The second type of errors, of course, is the lesser of the two evils, and they will be discussed in this article.

Of course, it will be more accurate to say that it will be about what is msvcp120.dll how this error appears and how to fix it. In any case, after reading the article, you will learn about the very essence of this library and how to deal with the problems caused by its absence.


Of course, it would be rational to start the article with the definition, because to solve the problem it is necessary to know what we are dealing with. So, what is “msvcp120.dll missing”? This is a component of the Visual C ++ package. It is responsible for the correct display in the system of software using this programming language. Accordingly, the DLL library itself is responsible for the same.

Causes of Error

It has already been said that the error appears because there is no corresponding library. However, we also need to understand why the system does not find the given library on the device. You can say immediately that software providers must always provide all the necessary packages to run their products. That is, if you downloaded, for example, a game that uses the Visual C ++ programming language, then there must be a corresponding package with it. However, some distributors neglect this in order to reduce the size of the downloaded content. Fortunately, you can install the necessary packages and libraries on your computer yourself.

Troubleshooting Solution

There are a lot of ways; this article will consider one of the most relevant – Visual C ++ 2013 Installation.

In principle, the scheme is clear: you need to download the package, and then install it. Quite simply. However, some nuances here can lead to the deterioration of the computer’s performance. The main one is the correct msvcp120.dll download. You need Visual C ++, not some other. You also need to know where to download it, because unreliable sources can distribute malware along with it. But it’s okay; now you will be given detailed instructions:

  • open any search engine;
  • in the search box, type “download visual c ++ 2015”;
  • Search;
  • in the results, click the link with the name
  • on the page that appears from the list, select the language of the system you are using.
  • click the “Download” button.

Note that the link should be moved only if its address begins with This is the official website of the developer. After clicking on “Download,” it will start. Wait until it finishes and runs the downloaded file.



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