Control Driverless Car by the Smartphone

Go for a ride by a self-driving car! Today, it is possible with smartphone-controlled vehicles. It is no longer a dream. Instead of issuing a new type of smartphone, Huawei placed the mate 10 Pro into a car and turned it into self-driven. If you watch the video of that ride, you’ll probably find it a little bit dramatic, but the fact is the fact. The device droves the car straight at the dog. But the movie-makers and producers insist that the pup has never been put in danger during the trial shots.

The campaign launched to advertise smartphone had great success. The promotion went with flying colors and proved amazing capabilities of modern technology. So, how does it work? The phone has a neural processing unit that can quickly identify the objects around and send signals to the car. The car reacts in case there are such objects on the way. The demonstration had two drives, both short in time. In the first drive, the car moved with nearly five miles per hour with the camera on. The input device gave quick orders to the car: turn left, turn right and stop. Every move corresponded to its sure cutout.

The second ride was even more interesting. The car drove in a school zone roughly 30 miles per hour directly at the object chosen in advance by the team of instructors. As the car approached the object, there appeared a cyclist. The system then swerved to the right.

It’s a plain demo, but it was quite captivating to see such a technological wonder at work. The NPU uses the image recognition in order to identify better images – it can be compared to the latest version of LG V30. The company says that it spents about five weeks to build the system. It looks captivating with the phone places on the car dashboard connected with the cable to special equipment on top of the room.

How It Works

Now, we can say that Huawei developed its artificial intelligence (AI) abilities even further presenting to the world a new AI-powered smartphone that can drive an automatic car. We are bursting into the era of driverless vehicles gradually with the help of such innovative AI. The device is capable to recognize and distinguish among thousands of various images and objects, like cats, bicycles, trees, dogs, and balls and take the most suitable course of action.

Unlike other self-driven cars that merely detect objects on the way, Huawei turned Porsche Panamera into a smart vehicle that understands the surrounding and knows how to react.

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