The SHS extension is associated with the Microsoft Windows Shell object. Such object is created in Microsoft Word and Excel, when the user drags and pastes the selected text of the document onto the desktop, keeping a copy of the selected content in the native document format. Thus, it is used to copy a portion of a document that should be pasted into another document.

.SHS is a special OLE object and cannot be opened directly. It can only be dragged into another open document. When the objects with the .SHS extension are created, the associated icon is also created on the desktop. If this icon is deleted, the SHS file is also deleted. You can also go to a large database storing more than 15,000 file types in order to open SHS file extension.

Support for .shs files was terminated in Windows Vista. Its earlier versions include the Shell Scrap Object handler, which is stored in the shscrap.dll. It processes drag-and-drop operations from Word and Excel documents and creates .shs files. However, they cannot be opened in Windows Vista or Windows 7, because these versions do not include shscrap.dll.

Be careful, sometimes a file with the extension .shs comes as an attachment in an email or downloaded from a website that can contain a virus. SHSs are Windows OLE files that act as containers or packages with different content, and may include executable code. If you run the program or script in the SHS, it can do anything. It deceives people because it does not contain known extensions for executable files such as EXE or VBS.

SHS, like many other formats, are hidden in the default Windows OS. To enable viewing the file extension in Windows, open the Explorer and select “Tools” – “Folder Options” – “View and Tools” – “Folder Options” – “File Types”, find the desired one. Then select Advanced and put a flag next to “Always show extension”.

How To Open SHS In Vista Or Windows 7

There are several ways that can be followed:

  1. You can transfer it to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.
  2. Install Windows XP Mode.
  3. Use scrap2rtf.

Microsoft Windows 95/98 Clipboard File

The .SHS extension is associated with the clipboard service. A clipboard is a file in Microsoft Windows that stores information which has been cut or copied from a document or another location. The clipboard will contain this information until it is changed with new information. For example, a user can copy information from a word processor and insert this information into an email message.

In Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, there was a utility that allowed you to view the clipboard, which you can start by clicking Start -> Programs -> System Tools and then Clipboard Viewer. The program could also be started by executing clipbrd.exe in the Windows directory.

Make sure you check your files carefully, and avoid malware. At the same time, you will have no problems opening anu relevant functioning files.


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