Whether online privacy is your main concern- or you just want to access sites that keep being blocked by your native ISP- a VPN (virtual private network) is a vital edition to any Mac.

A VPN is essentially a service that enables you to access the web via a server operated by a VPN supplier. All the information travels between your desktop, phone or tablet to this server and the data is encrypted.

The VPN hides your location so you’ll be able to remain anonymous and access blocked content but which VPNs work best and do they offer any additional benefits aside from the obvious?

A quick web search reveals a plethora of VPN services that make claims that they can’t live up to so it’s wise to conduct some research and separate the fact from the fiction.

Please also be aware that some free VPNs do try and install toolbars or third-party applications so it’s best to avoid them because they don’t generally offer much in terms of performance regardless.

Here is our guide for the best VPNs so far in 2018:


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPNs for Mac according to Best Online Reviews because it utilizes OpenVPN, the protocol that delivers the highest security and the best performance by default.

Although other providers may claim to beat that, the ExpressVPN is packed full of features and is certainly worth the outlay. In terms of numbers, it’s estimated the team utilize more than 1,000 servers across 145 locations in 94 countries, P2P support, and easy setup with custom clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, even Linux is also included.

As an added bonus, there are also a number of informative online tutorials to help get you started- as well as troubleshooting guides and around-the- clock support if you encounter any problems.

Pure VPN

Our second entry on the list -and an old favourite: PureVPN has been supplying reliable VPN services for close to a decade so it’s no surprise the team have developed an exclusive list of  new features recently.

Pure VPN boasts servers in 150+ countries, built-in ad and malware blocking, protocol support and protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks. Five devices are allowed and there are a number of payment options that can be accepted, unlike other providers.

Interestingly, if you want more from your VPN, you can make the most of the split tunneling feature that lets you decide which traffic goes through the VPN, and which travels via your ISP; this creates the ability to conjure an instant Wi-Fi VPN hotspot.

Nord VPN

Panama-registered Nord VPN is a leading supplier and it now boasts a growing user base of more than a million customers attracted to its security features in particular.

The company has grown off the back of a number of distinct features it offers and it’s easy to see why it ranks as one of the favourites in the VPN community. This VPN operates 1,300 servers in 60 locations across the globe. It also offers support for six simultaneous connections, plus it’s P2P-friendly which is a big bonus. In terms of cross-device availability, you can get apps for Windows as well as Mac, iOS and Android app. There’s also a kill switch, DNS leak blocking and onion support for extra security. 24/7 assistance is also available should only problems occur.




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