How do you approach public WiFi networks? Are you sure that nobody is spying your Internet activity while you’re browsing your favorite website in the airport or your favorite coffee shop?

The problem with Internet traffic privacy is huge in the 21st century. Thousands of smartphones, laptops, and tablets are hacked every day in the places we all go to. Whenever you connect to a public network you face the risk of getting your personal and business data stolen. How long does it take to reach your Internet traffic while using a free hotspot? Just a minute. But don’t panic! Now there are the ways to improve the security in such situations. The primary way to do it is, of course, to install a VPN. A VPN service is a multipurpose tool to secure your Internet connection, protect your private data, and forget about the limits the Internet has. There is even a Netflix VPN, which allows you to connect to any version of a Netflix system no matter which country you are in.

So, let’s talk about a VPN a little bit more.

Internet Security Measures Through a VPN

When you’re transferring data in the public network, any information is going to be secure and your passwords and logins will be hidden. Of course, if you have a VPN installed.

A VPN creates a tunnel, which encrypts your information turning it from something easily reachable to something that is no longer readable by other people. This concerns all information, which is going from your location to the websites you’re visiting.

A VPN is:

  • Privacy;
  • Protection;
  • And free access to every blocked website you weren’t able to visit before.

How Does It Work?

When you start using a VPN, the program tells you about your real location. What you should do is to go to the list of the simulated countries, provided by a service and connect to a server (country), which you would like to browse from. You can also simulate your IP address if you want or you can leave it for the program to choose by itself. Depending on the service you have and the number of countries it includes, you can choose the one you want or the one which is the closest one to your location. Now, your information can’t be stolen and your traffic can’t be monitored.


Browsing the Internet in public places is like throwing out your name and address out there so everyone else can easily see it whenever they want to. Do you like that? Be smart, protect your information, use a VPN. It is only up to you. Try different VPN services, see how you like them, choose one, and be sure that your personal and business data is safe and private. Don’t put a VPN on one device if you have several of them. Always search for service with a sufficient number of devices.

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