Mabinogi is not a newcomer to the market of MMORPG games. It has already been around for quite a time now. Initially, the game was released in the early 2000-s without any expectation to continue developing it more. But this marvellous game conquered the hearts of many beginner and advanced gamers throughout the world. It remains pretty strong even today.

For now, the most frequently played version is windows 10 mabinogi game obviously. As the graphics, the storyline, and the main features of the game are still at the highest level possible. But is it actually worth getting Mabinogi latest download files in 2018 when the market of MMORPG is already quite overwhelmed with newer games? Let’s find out.

Mabinogi MMORPG Review

If you want to get the fullest and the most objective opinion of the game, we recommend uploading Mabinogi download files right now. Thus, you can follow the article while discovering the game at the same time. You’ll become familiar with the main options and features to go ahead and play it further. Don’t worry, it is not a problem to find Mabinogi free download files on the Internet, especially for Windows 10.

The structure of the game is quite simple. There are three classes in Mabinogi:

  • Human;
  • Giant;
  • And Elf.

The character you choose is going to learn and collect different kinds of skills throughout the whole game. For example, life, magic, combat, ninja, alchemy, puppetry, etc. The number of skills is really impressive, which makes Mabinogi not boring to play for a long time. As the main character always has some other skills to collect. which he or she doesn’t have yet. Some skills can even be transformed into the stronger beings. At the same time, humans, giants, and elves have absolutely different abilities. Like any other MMORPG game, Mabinogi has a ranking system of skills from F to 1. The higher the rank is, the more powerful a skill becomes.

When it comes to customization, you can change your character in several aspects like age, gender, and of course race. You can also customize hair, eyes, facial expression, etc.

Through the game, you have to complete different quests, fight the enemies, and move to the next level. You can also rebirth to the level 1. Of course, like any other game, the first step in Mabinogi is about teaching you how to play correctly. If you’re new to Mabinogi, don’t skip them to learn how to quest, to use your inventory, and to get the skills.

The graphic in the game is not similar to other MMORPG games. It really stands out. As some outfits look very simplistic while others are very detailed and interesting. The environments are also very different – from simple grass to rocks and shockingly detailed backgrounds in some areas. Mabinogi has a lot of interesting content inside, which you discover while moving through the game. It includes new concepts and ideas which are not available in many other MMORPGs. For example, at the level 1, you combat by choosing whether you want to defend or counter-attack. And that makes simple combats quite diverse.

Generally speaking, Mabinogi is a fun game. It is not too fast or too slow. At the same time, it is a little bit weird, but simple enough even for the beginner players.

So, if you enjoy playing MMORPGs, definitely try Mabinogi too. Give it a shot and you won’t regret it. Go for it, as it is a worthy competitor even for the newest games on the market.


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