There are many ways to get noticed or to publicize the launch of a special event, a new band, a movie short film or independent “indie” release. Certainly, promoting over the internet is a first step for almost everything these days, but only doing this overlooks considerable promotional and product release possibilities in distributable media.

Here are a few ways that creatives can achieve greater artistic freedom by including distributable media in their marketing or product strategy.

Distribute a Single Direct to Radio Stations

For singers and bands that either wish to stay outside of conventional music label circles or haven’t been invited to the big table yet, being able to promote directly is vitally important. Even before the self-release of a single, a pre-release CD version produced with an attractive inner jacket sent direct to the track selection teams at relevant radio stations is likely to get their attention.

Consider including multiple mixes of the song, a B-side track and a short interview with the singer or band to give radio producers an idea about who’s behind the track. Stations enjoy a good story like everyone else, so putting a name to a face helps to spark the initial interest enough to play the track before deciding whether to put it on-air. CDs remain some of the cheapest products to produce at Copycats Media in quantities of 1,000 units or more when compared to DVD or vinyl.

Early Cut of an Independent Digital Movie

For budding filmmakers and documentarians, the advent of digital equipment means it no longer costs the earth to produce a film. Finding the talent at an affordable price is the biggest challenge, but it’s still possible to make a good movie on an impressively small budget just like Kevin Smith did back in the day with Clerks.

Creating early buzz online is important, but for filmmakers it can be worrying to upload their movie to the cloud to provide access to key movers and shakers in the industry. In this case, they’ll likely prefer to produce either a DVD or a Blu-ray disc as a limited edition and restrict its distribution. Using a DVD or better still with Blu-Ray, you’re getting a crisp version of the movie with clear imagery and high-fidelity sound quality to evoke the emotions without distraction.

Event Promotion

Event promo materials and program catalogsare enhanced when including some digital media with them. Adding digital media to promotional material is a great way to include documents, songs, lyrics, movie clips or other useful information. While including download links within the brochure is useful too, it’s still much easier to go through all the promo material from a single media than a bunch of internet links from servers that might get overloaded.

Even though the internet is a useful way for promotional opportunities, sometimes that greater access to people becomes a hinderance to getting your song, movie or event in front of the right people quickly. Adding some digital media that’s easy to include as an extra to provide direct access to the content, without having to download it first, is beneficial to independent creatives who need to get their voice heard.

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