Nintendo’s mobile strategy continues with the release of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp next month.

Pre-registration is now open for the first portable Animal Crossing game since New Leaf came out in 2012 for the 3DS.

Pocket Camp will let players manage their own campground and decorate it with a variety of amenities for their anthropomorphic friends. By visiting recreation sites, players will be able to complete tasks for their neighbors and be rewarded with crafting materials. These can be given to an alpaca blacksmith named Cyrus who will craft different furniture for you. The goal of the game is to decorate the campground to your animal neighbor’s preferences and increase their friendship level.

As is the case with many mobile games, Pocket Camp’s crafting will take place over real time, limiting the amount of amenities you can build at once. You can speed up this process with Leaf Tickets, a currency that can be bought using real money or earned in-game.

A lot of the series’ mainstays will make a return. You will be able to fish and sell whatever you catch for crafting materials. The Able Sisters will have a brand new store and Tom and Timmy Nook make a return with their general store. And, as is the case in every Animal Crossing game, you will be indebted to pay off your mortgage throughout the game.

Multiplayer will be possible by exchanging ID’s with your friend and paying a visit to their camps. If you find it to be to your liking, you can give them a good rating.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
is the third of Nintendo’s mobile games. While it was originally announced for release in 2016, the launch of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes pushed back its release date.

Nintendo games have always been built around simple, yet engaging mechanics that would translate perfectly to the mobile marketplace. Seeing the company dive head first into smartphone games with their first three titles is a positive sign moving forward.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp comes out on iOS and Android in late November.

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