The one man team behind Dust: An Elysian Tail is bringing his indie charm to the Nintendo Swtich this Holiday with Never Stop Sneaking.

Creator Dean Dodrill announced his new game on Twitter, explaining that he “wanted to try something in a completely different aesthetic, and go fully-polygonal in the process.” Possibly due to a small budget, or maybe as a side effect of his commitment to the art style, Never Stop Sneaking looks comically like the original Metal Gear Solid, something that is taken to heart with it’s announcement trailer.

Yes, that was a helicopter for a vice president and a time traveling villain. Doesn’t seem too different from the insane Metal Gear lore…or our current political climate.

Dodrill continues that he tried to “create something procedural and infinitely re-playable, and design engaging combat with the simplest controls possible.”

Never Stop Sneaking looks like it will be a fine addition to the Nintendo Switch’s already impressive indie library.

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