Shawn and Gus are back! Earlier this year, USA Network announced that after 3 long years, Psych fans would be rewarded for their patience with a two-hour Psych: The Movie holiday special. At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the executive producers and cast of Psych sat down with members of the press to discuss the power of the pineapple and what viewers can expect this December.

Here are the twenty facts we learned:

1. It took James Roday a few scenes to become Shawn again

When asked about his experience reprising the role, Roday disclosed to Blast that “it took a little while to play [his] way back into the game.” “There were a lot of emotions and reunions happening,” he continued, “so to be feeling all of that and then jump right into Psych rhythm was a little tough.”

2. Jimmi Simpson will reprise his role as Mary Lightly

Although his character was killed during the series, Simpson will reappear as Lightly in the film. According to producer Chris Henze, “Jimmi and James come together in a scene in some fashion and it’s disturbing, hilarious, and adorable.”

3. The status of Juliet and Shawn’s current relationship is unclear

The cast was unable to provide much information regarding the relationship, but Roday noted that the pair is “still into each other” and that the relationship “would play a pretty major role in the film.” Maggie Lawson, who plays Juliet, supplemented Roday’s response by mentioning that “the relationship had progressed.”

4. All viewers will be able to spot the pineapple in the film

According to Roday, “there is 0% chance that people won’t spot it.”

5. The film is filled with Easter eggs guaranteed to please the most die-hard fan

Creator Steve Franks assured us that “there are so many Easter eggs in the film.” He provided a few examples including the half-beard, Soup Can Sam, and Carlos Jacott, a writer from the series who played various characters on the show. He noted that fans should “rewatch the pilot because there are three just from that episode.” Additionally, Henze stated that Franks and Roday made sure to “check every box in case this was the last Psych project” so fans can be confident knowing there will be “a pineapple, the phrase ‘this is my partner’, a mention of ‘I’ve heard it both ways,’ a fist bump, and so much more.”

6. Timothy Omundson will make an appearance in the film

Shortly before filming began, Timothy Omundson, who played Lassiter in the original series, suffered a stroke. This intense health emergency prevented him from flying up to Vancouver to shoot with the rest of the cast. However, Franks and Roday ensured Omundson would make an appearance in the film. According to Franks, Omundson is “in a meaningful moment which is wonderful and really cool.”

7. James Roday has a favorite Gus nickname

Throughout the series, Shawn gave Gus a plethora of amusing nicknames. However, Roday had one in particular he was especially fond of, Jet Blackness. Roday explained that “it doubled as Dule [Hill (Gus)]’s real life porn name…which he never actually worked under but would have if he had chosen to go down that path.”

Credit: Madeline Knutson


8. Fans of the musical numbers in Psych will not be disappointed

Henze revealed that “there is more than one person that sings in the movie in some fashion.”

9. Juliet has a new partner in San Francisco

As Lassiter was still in Santa Barbara in the series finale, it was assumed that Juliet would have a new partner at the San Francisco Police Department. Lawson divulged to us that he is played by “the wonderful, talented, and amazing Sam Huntington.”

10. James Roday’s favorite character to write for is Lassiter

Roday had the opportunity to write multiple episodes during the series and co-wrote the film with Franks. When asked about his writing experiences, Roday revealed that he felt the happiest when writing for Timothy Omundson.

“I absolutely, positively have always loved writing for Tim. I think what he did with that character is nothing short of remarkable. I don’t know if I can think of another actor who could have figured out how to take what was a pretty straightforward one-dimensional guy that you’re supposed to hate and turn him into a guy that was so complex, with so many layers and neuroses, that you absolutely, positively feel in love with him and couldn’t imagine not having around.

11. Woody now works for the coroner’s office in San Francisco

The Psych gang wouldn’t be complete without Dr. Woodrow Strode, played by Kurt Fuller. In the series finale, he was still in Santa Barbara, but Kirsten Nelson informed us that her character, Chief Vick, “had to hire Woody in San Francisco and make him a part of the coroner’s staff.” This was a fun opportunity for Corbin Bernsen, who plays Henry, as “Henry’s big relationship in the film is with Woody…who is pretty crazy and very funny.” Bernsen explained that Henry’s reaction to Woody “is the same reaction he used to have to Shawn where he questions all of his choices.” Additionally, Bernsen disclosed that the film has a “pretty funny scene where Woody and Henry get the crap beat of them and it’s the funniest, most painful scene you’ll ever see.”

12. Although Gus has developed his own life away from Psych, his bromance with Shawn hasn’t wavered

While Henze warned that “Gus has a new job that is separate and apart from Psych,” Roday assured us that the film would be filled with “heavy bromance and lots of Shawn and Gus.” Shawn is still accepting cases as part of Psych, although the one that the film focuses on is “not an SFPD-sanctioned case,” according to Nelson.

13. The Psych cast is as close in real-life as they are on screen

Although many shows on television portray a loving cast, once the cameras turn off, it is often a different story. Luckily for Psych-O’s, the cast of Psych is as passionate towards one another on-screen as they are off. Henze noted that devotion as one of the reasons that the film was able to be made since the producers “were lucky enough to end up with a cast and group of people behind the scenes who all really loved each other and knew what they had.” Lawson supported Henze’s statement, adding that the cast “is so close already that being on-screen again together was just awesome” Lawson explained that the film was able to get many of the original crew members, making the entire process feel like “a dream of everybody coming home.”

14. Psych: The Movie will entertain both the dedicated fans and the brand-new viewers

Franks made it clear that he had always wanted to pitch the film to be “enjoyable to the most die-hard fan but also to the person who had never seen Psych before.” To ensure all audiences understood the role of each character, Franks added “freeze-frame cards to introduce each person in the opening sequence.” Although Easter eggs abound in the film, Franks also made sure that there was “a whole slew of new running gags and catchphrases,” including one connected to the brand-new Psych office.

15. Zachary Levi’s villain was modeled after David Bowie

Franks has an “extensive list” of individuals he would love to have guest star on Psych, but was unable to get David Bowie in time. However, Bowie did play a role in the film, as Franks created Levi’s character to be “David Bowie in his weirdest phase, the thin white duke phase.”

16. Zachary Levi was a desired guest on the show for years before the Psych: The Movie

The Psych gang had known Zachary Levi for years prior to the film due to their experiences at Comic Con’s Nerd HQ, but had never been able to match up schedules with Levi to include him in the show. Once the film became official, Franks said that “Zac was the first person they went to and he was immediately in.” Everyone loved working with Levi, who was “a ball of energy and so talented,” according to Lawson, and “both wonderful and crazy,” according to Nelson.

17. Roday and Franks hope that this film can bring some happiness to a stressful world

Since its pilot episode, Psych has promoted the idea of positivity and humor in any situation. This was important to Franks as he “never understood why so many dark shows happen in dark times.” Roday revealed that he and Franks “wrote the film together pretty quickly, which lined up with the presidential election.” He went on to explain that the duo “accepted the challenge of making the film as funny and light as humanely possible because everything felt so intense at that time.” Both men hope that the film will provide a moment for audiences to just breathe and have a respite from current events.

18. Henry has become a much hipper and cooler dad since we last saw him

When the initial image for the film was released to the public, it was evident that Henry’s style had dramatically changed from the series. He was pictured in a fedora and looked like a different man than the one we had seen in the series finale. Bernsen confirmed this was true and that Henry “has gotten hip and given up the old Henry.” He noted that his character now “has a lot more sex, dresses cool, and lives in a building with hipsters.”

19. While Juliet and Shawn’s relationship status is ambiguous, the dynamic between Chief Vick and Juliet has evolved

In the series finale, we saw that Chief Vick and Juliet were working together in San Francisco. When the film picks up, the duo is still working together at the SFPD and their working relationship “has gone to another level,” according to Lawson. This was a fulfilling experience for Lawson as “there are new emotional depths that get to be explored.”

20. If Steve Franks gets his way, Psych-O’s can expect more movies in the future

Although the first Psych film doesn’t come out for another five months, Franks is already prepared to create five more films in the future. He has ideas in his mind and would love to have the opportunity to “take the guys other places” in future films.



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