Project CARS, one of the most realistic racing simulators ever made, is getting a well deserved sequel. Publisher Bandai Namco announced that Project CARS 2 is in development by Slightly Mad Studios for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The new game will feature 170 cars and over 60 tracks to burn some rubber on as well as 12k resolution, for those of you who can support three 4k monitors. For a slightly more economical approach, Slightly Mad confirmed that the game will ship with VR support, just like the original. One of the biggest improvements over the excellent Project CARS will be the evolution of the weather system. Known as LiveTrack 3.0, environmental effects will have a huge impact during the course of a race, often requiring you to change pit strategies on the fly. Considering how brutally realistic the original Project CARS was, this sounds like the perfect masochistic good time racing fans crave.

Though the game was officially announced almost two years ago through a crowdfunding campaign, Slightly Mad Studios said in a statement to Polygon that they chose to close that fundraising method after they signed with publisher Bandai Namco.

“We left a window open for a limited number of external members to contribute to the development (around 3000 participants) like we did with the first Project CARS. The members have reached the required number pretty fast and so we closed the signup soon after.”

The original Project CARS is currently available with the Games with Gold subscription on Xbox One, meaning you have little excuse not to try this gem of a game. Project CARS 2 is scheduled for later this year.

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