It is no coincidence that the growth of the food culture and foodies and the digital revolution occurred at the same time.

“Checking in” at the latest trendy dining location and the almost required “sharing” of practically every meal served has made eating a game of one-upsmanship; with sharing favourite recipes and food “hacks” a close second.

At the same time the internet and the proliferation of broadcast channels are in need of content created avenues for sharing vast amounts of useful nutritional information, whilst making superstars of (admittedly talented) chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Bobby Flay.

Nutrition and Health

One of the benefits of the growth of the foodie is an increased awareness of what we actually put in our bodies. The Fooducate app tells you what is in the food you are buying with just a simple scan of the barcode. You receive a nutritional value grade along with suggestions for a healthier alternative. Don’t let the fact that the Change4Life Smart Recipe app is from the UK National Health Service fool you into thinking that it is a stodgy, boring app. The apps gives helpful nutritional advance and has a large number of creative menus that are perfect for the person that has a job and other responsibilities but still wants easy-to-prepare and healthy meals.

Cookpad and Yumlly

These apps have replaced the time-honoured tradition of asking a friend for their casserole recipe. Both show pictures of dishes along with the recipes submitted by the apps’ users. Both have databases which can be used to offer recipe suggestions based on what is in our pantry or can create a shopping list for dishes you want to try for yourself.

For When Cooking Just Isn’t An Option

Sometimes the idea of preparing a meal and all that goes along with it from checking that you have the right ingredients to the cleaning up is just not that appealing. Fortunately there are apps for that as well.

Hungry House lets you search the menus of Chinese restaurants near you and shows you which ones have takeaway and delivery options as well.  You can also order directly from the app. Urban Spoon on the other hand is perfect for when you aren’t sure what you are in the mood for and will show you all of your choices based on criteria such as price, distance, and type of cuisine. The app also allows you to book reservations from within the app and also provides directions on how to get there.

Cook Like a Celebrity

For those that want to try their hand at being a celebrity chef at home, there are a number of excellent and fun apps. Jamie Oliver’s Recipes offers easy to follow recipes and useful information that will have you cooking like a star chef whether you are cooking for your household or a dinner party.

If you want to try your hand at some of the more upscale and exotic meals and dishes, the Cook with M&S (Marks and Spenser) app is perfect.  You will find such delights as pumpkin tempura, fruit sushi, avocado eggcups and smoked salmon rafts.  While the recipe ideas are not for the budget conscious, the meals can range from elegant to decadent and are perfect when you are cooking to celebrate a special occasion or to impress dinner guests.

Subscription Services

One area that created a lot of buzz when they first arrived on the scene was the subscription box service.  Users would sign up on sites such as Blue Apron or Munchery and the ingredients along with easy to follow cooking instructions would show up at their doorstep on a regular schedule. However, it appears that this particular trend may be somewhat short-lived, as surveys have shown the subscriber retention is fairly low.

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