For anyone who cannot wait until Dec. 16 for the newest chapter in the “Star Wars” saga, DICE might help fill that void.

Ten days before the first “Star Wars Story” hits the big screen, Star Wars Battlefront will drop its final DLC content, letting players battle in the soon to be storied events of “Rogue One.”

Titled Rogue One: Scarif, the DLC will feature four new maps and a new game mode similar to what we saw in the Death Star DLC, with multiple stages shifting between ground and space combat. Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic will be the two new heroes to hit the fray.

The trailer for the new Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition gives us a glimpse of some of the content we can expect from the new DLC.

Alongside the Rogue One: Scarif DLC, Battlefrontfans can also pick up the X-Wing VR Mission, releasing at the same time on Dec. 6 for free.

I can’t wait to see the flood of predictions about “Rogue One” once this DLC goes live.

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  1. Hiaim

    I am a huge Star Wars fan and I went to the midnight release of SW Battlefront to get my copy. I shortly thereafter found the game in it is heapful in many ways. Just remember: this is a companion app, not the full game. It comes with a mini game, but the majority of the app is giving latest news updates, the ability to edit your character/profile and star card hands, and checking on friend progress and their loadouts. I hope you enjoy the app and game combo as much as I have and most assuadly will.


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