There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that androgynous fashion is one of the biggest trends this fall. More and more, people are beginning to recognize that they don’t have to be restrained by the clothing norms for the gender they were born or identity with. Jaden Smith, known for sporting gender-neutral looks on the red carpet, was recently and big-name label Burberry put on a “gender-bending fashion show” at London Fashion Week in September this year.

To get involved in this trend, start your androgynous look from the bottom up with a Converse shoe. According to research by, these iconic sneakers, originally designed for male basketball players, were first worn by a female star in 1956. Shirley MacLaine danced on a piano in Converse on CBS in Showers of Stars, which means they’ve been a staple of gender-neutral fashion for over half a century. This is on top of being a comfortable and vegan alternative to traditional boots.

While lots of fashion shows have featured androgyny recently and can provide inspiration, there are also lots of simpler and affordable items to pair with Converse in order to access this trend.

The most popular look on women trying to blur gender norms right now is the blazer. When shopping, try to find one that is longer and not cinched at the waist in order to create a more masculine silhouette. This can be worn over a simple t-shirt or even a turtleneck when it gets colder and has the advantage of being both on-trend and suitable for work and evening wear. While this look could be worn with skinny jeans, you could also pair it with an A-line midi skirt for a look on the slightly more feminine end of asexual.

Boyfriend jeans are also a widely affordable androgynous fashion staple, especially when worn turned up at the end and with a low-rise shoe like Converse to show off the ankles. This counteracts any bulkiness created by the jeans not being cinched at the waist or tight around the butt. Wear this look with a patterned anklet sock to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit. You could also pair boyfriend jeans with a chunky knit to create a slouchy outfit perfect for lounging around the house or casual outings.

For an even more informal look, pair an oversized top with shorts for an androgynous silhouette that draws attention to your legs. You could layer up with a denim jacket or a grungy flannel shirt. Accessories with a beanie too to make the outfit more casual and to keep warm while still looking cool.

But if you want to go even further, try to become a fashion power couple by convincing your boyfriend to experiment with gender-neutral looks too. While he might not be ready to be as bold as Jaden Smith just yet, Converse shoes are a great option that meshes with a slightly more feminine look, like a pastel or floral shirt, while still giving him a masculine edge.

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