With all fo the hype surrounding the Nintendo Switch announcement, it can be easy to forget that there is a new Zelda game on the way. In fact, it is the only confirmed title for Nintendo’s new console, set to come out on March 2017.

Link’s first true open world adventure looks better every time we get a new glimpse at it, and the latest gameplay demo hosted by Game Center DX, a Japanese variety show, does a great job at showing just how well the tried-and-true experience will translate to a vast open world.

Unfortunately for us, the video is entirely in Japanese, so the jokes might fall flat. However, you get a mostly uninterrupted look at Nintendo’s next big Zelda game. What is nowhere to be seen, sadly, is the Nintendo Switch, as the guy playing is clearly using a Wii U controller. I guess we’ll take the gameplay, but the announcement two weeks ago has got us itching for more information.

Either way, you will get your chance to play both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch when they release in March of next year.

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