The Sinclair invited LA-based Miya Folick and the much-loved group, Sleigh Bells, onto their stage on September 13. The two acts meshed well together, with Folick providing raw emotions with haunting melodies and Sleigh Bells serving their signature anthemic tunes.

Photos by: Nick DiNatale


Miya Folick took the stage first, commanding all eyes and ears. Her hand bounced over the strings of her guitar as she wailed, crooned, and screeched (beautifully). She performed her new single, “Pet Body,” which was released on August 16. She also gave a special performance of the stunning song “Oceans,” a song that sounds like a holy blend of Fiona Apple and Jeff Buckley, that was requested by tweet. She shimmered with dancing specks of light that highlighted and shadowed her face, all the while giving the audience a variety of songs that ranged from hauntingly sad to raucous and punk-like. Folick shared with the audience so many different personalities in each of her songs, and seemed to have a fun time doing it. She was the perfect opener for the headliner, Sleigh Bells.


Sleigh Bells, the noise pop duo based in Brooklyn, consists of singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Edward Miller. The group performed several new songs, as well as some old favorites. Their sound was booming from the Marshalls that lined the stage, inciting the audience to dance. She danced enthusiastically and spent a generous amount of time interacting with the audience, reaching out to touch her fans’ hands, sharing the microphone with them as they sang along with every word. Her energy was brilliant, like the star that she truly is.


Miya Folick and Sleigh Bells gave Boston a fantastic evening of memorable performances and left the audience with the invaluable gift of positive energy that only good music can create.

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