The new Resident Evil game is breaking some ground for the series and the latest trailer from the Tokyo Game Show gives us a better glimpse at the horrors that await.

The series seems to be hankering back to its haunted mansion roots, setting the game in an decrepit plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana. While it might seem that the place has not been used in years, it is actually home to the Baker family. If this trailer is anything to go by then dinner at their house is even more awkward than when Jesse stayed at Walter White’s place in Breaking Bad.

YEEEEAH, we would like to avoid that if possible. If RE VII really wanted to scare us they would put us in a bunch of awkward situations.

Anyway, Resident Evil VII continues to creep us out with its first person perspective and surprisingly effective gross out horror style. It is set for release on Jan. 24 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The game will also be playable on Playstation VR and compatible with 4K resolutions on the PS4 Pro.

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Ivan Favelevic is Blast Magazine's Associate Gaming Editor. He knows he would be a nobody in Westeros and is ok with that. Follow him on Twitter @FlyingBags to hear random thoughts on games plus some soccer and basketball rants.

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