The first numerical entry in Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise in six years is coming out on October 21st.

Many changes will come along with it, the most notable one being the focus on city planing. Instead of having your city occupy one ever-evolving tile, you now have to strategically place your buildings in separate districts that connect to your city center. This will make the visual growth of each city much more notable.

At the same time, having each district specialize in different things can lead to a much wider variety of city types depending on where they are placed.

This adds a whole other layer to combat, allowing units to focus their attacks on particular parts of a city, causing strategic damage rather than slowly chipping away at a well fortified capital city.

“Civilization V” implemented several changes that were not fully welcomed by fans until its two expansions. Hopefully “Civilization VI” can get a much warmer welcome later this year.

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