Miitomo, Nintendo’s first smartphone app, just launched today for free on iOS and Android and it’s an addictive little experience that incorporates social networking features with Nintendo’s brand of charm – Mario and friends need not apply just yet.

The app lets you create a Mii character based on your own appearance (either by using the camera or making it up from scratch) and then you communicate with your character by answering questions that tell your friends about yourself. Reveal your innermost secrets, hobbies, or anything you want to talk about. Your friends, which you can add through Facebook, Twitter, or by being next to them, can see your answers and comment on them if they want.  As you “play”, random friends will show up at your Mii’s house, making this social network a bit more animated and interactive than most.

In addition to finding out more about your friends’ proclivities, you can also dress up your Mii with various clothes you purchase from the shop and take photos of them to share with friends or online. Currency can be earned as you play and through giveaways, but you can also pay real money for the good stuff or pay to play some mini-games for special items.

Miimoto was downloaded more than one million times in Japan in its first free days out last month and it has been trending on Twitter following its worldwide launch earlier today. We definitely recommend you give Miitomo a try as it’s one of those apps that can be whatever you want it to be.

Miitomo is now available on iOS and Android.

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