“Rock Band” made its triumphant console return last year and now developer Harmonix has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the seminal rhythm game to PCs for the first time.

In their pitch video, Hamonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos and designer Matthew Nordhaus explain how they will use the funds raised to outsource the work of porting the popular console game to the PC architecture.

Previously, PC rhythm game fans had to settle for options like Stepmania or Harmonix’s Amplitude for their note matching fix, but the lack of peripherals made the experience a bit shallow. Harmonix is promising a fully fledged port, complete with ongoing support in the future, if this campaign is funded.

Perhaps the most exciting feature announced is the return of user generated songs, a feature introduced with “Rock Band 3” that allowed musicians to create their own songs and sell them on a marketplace. The power of the PC modding community is sure to make some gems out of this option.

The port of “Rock Band 4” on the PC is targeting a Fall 2016 release on Steam, according to a press release.

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  1. Sammy

    Why can’t they just fund the game themselves? Didn’t they make enough off the dlc on the rock band network and game bundle sales. Sounds ridiculous to me.


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