Developed by ex-Irrational Games talent, “The Flame in the Flood” looks to be a fantastic new rogue like river exploration game and it is coming out on Feb 24 for Xbox One, PC and Mac.

The Kickstarted game follows the tale of a young girl and her dog as they traverse a backwoods river in a “post-societal” America, where wildlife has gotten out of hand and you are completely on your own. Developer The Molasses Flood is comprised of several talented minds from studios that brought you “Bioshock,” “Halo,” “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero.” The pedigree is there to make this game a true standout.

And if the trailers we have seen thus far are anything to go by, “The Flame in the Flood” is shaping up to be an immersive joyride through classic Americana complete with a soundtrack composed by country music artist Chuck Ragan. Your survival skills will be tested as every interaction with the environment has both a positive and negative outcome. Fire might scare wolves, but it will also attract snakes. Then, some animals, like boars, are just straight up mean.

Look out for this gem in the coming weeks.

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