Get ready to go back to Hell this May.

id software confirmed that the highly anticipated “Doom” reboot will be coming out on May 13.

The gory trailer gives some hints into the environments and enemies we will be facing in the fourth iteration of one of the pioneering games in first person shooting. The trailer focuses a lot the close quarters, scripted finishers where you off an enemy through some gory dismemberment using your own hands but the gameplay we have seen guarantees the sharp corridor shooting the series is known for.

There are enough weapons (and a gloriously gnarly chainsaw) to make any “Doom” fan eager with anticipation.

To boot your excitement, Bethesda also announced the $119 collectors edition, that features a 12″ statue of the Revenant designed by TriForce as well as a classy looking metal box for the game. If you pr-eorder this version you will receive plenty of multiplayer goodies through the Demon Multiplayer Pack that includes the demon armor set with three unique skins, six metallic paint colors, three id Software logos, and six Hack Modules, which are one time consumables for multiplayer matches.

“Doom” is set to terrorize your living room in a few months on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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