The epic 4X space simulator continues to be the bread an butter of PC strategy games and “Dawn of Andromeda” seeks to continue on the well trodden path.

Mike Domingues, CEO of developer Grey Wolf Entertainment, gives some details on the exciting publishing partnership for the game’s Steam Early Access release later this year, per a press release.

“We have been keeping Dawn of Andromeda under wraps for quite some time and are delighted to now reveal it to the 4x community. We are equally pleased to have the perfect publishing partner in Iceberg Interactive, publisher of some of the very best titles in the 4x space strategy genre in the past decade. Their expertise in this genre and know-how will be very important in ensuring that Dawn of Andromeda reaches its full potential and will help to bring a great game to every 4x space strategy fan out there.”

“Dawn of Andromeda’ plays on the premise that humanity actually originated in our neighboring galaxy eons ago. The game looks to coordinate real-time strategy combat with massive space exploration, much like Stardock’s “Sins of a Solar Empire.” However, Grey Wolf’s title looks to include maximum customization, with maleable races, ship designs and scenarios in order to create asymmetrical gameplay for the player.

If the first trailer is anything to go by, then “Dawn of Andromeda” looks set to make a splash when it lands on Steam Q2 2016.

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