When games are cancelled, the companies involved try their best to bury everything under the rug and move on from the project.

Often times, leaked footage will hit the internet from a disgruntled employee or careful leaker and give a glimpse into what could have been.

However, Volition Software took it one step further. When an employee found an unfinished game inside a PSP development kit, what went on to follow had not been seen in the games industry until today. Rather than ignore the unpolished product, the Champaign-Urbana based developer has given it the light of day, releasing it in all its buggy glory to the masses.

The game, known as “Saints Row Undercover” is currently being hosted by Unseen64 and can be played with a PSP emulator. Considering THQ, the original publisher of “Saints Row,” is not around to see this, Volition don’t have much to lose by giving fans this unprecedented level of access.

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