An enormous spider was the first thing to greet concert-goers at Tsongas Arena. On either side of the stage sat enormous skulls. Hermitude, an Australian electronic duo, filled the massive arena with sounds,their future beats echo through the room.

All part of Wicked Halloween, an annual EDM that after two years as a one-day affair has expanded into a three day Halloween bash.

The second day of the festival brought on an exciting lineup. Along with Hermitude, Big Gigantic, RL Grime and Wocka Flocka Flame all took to the stage.

A significant portion of the crowd wore Halloween attire, evidently ready for an extreme dose of bass music. After Hermitude was Wocka Flocka Flame- while “Rooster in my Rari” and “Hard in Da Paint” were enjoyable, overall he delivered a tired act executed with minimal effort. Regardless of the superficial appeal of his loud, bass-heavy music, it was impossible to ignore that Flocka was hardly rapping, and played prerecorded sections of his set, while his DJ blundered repeatedly.  Overall, Wocka Flocka isn’t worth the entertainment, which would explain why after 10 years, he is still an opener.

Next was Big Gigantic. While RL Grime was the headlining act, the sax and drum playing duo absolutely stole the show. Big Gigantic’s ability to play a consistent, fluent set is impressive every time- they mix the perfect combination of remixes and original track. Some of Big G’s set highlights were their performances of “Get on Up,” “Good Times Roll,” and a brand new, unreleased track. Not only that, but they threw down several energetic future house tracks and dubstep- it was apparent that the crowd was impressed.

The closing act was RL Grime. Earlier in the day, he had dropped his annual Halloween Mix, blending his DJ style of slow hip-hop with futuristic, uptempo music and trap anthems. Throughout his set, RL Grime seemed to have his finger on the pulse of the crowd. Not only is he a quick, dynamic DJ, but his own productions add up to an incredible experience. Surely this was the best spot to be on Halloween.

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