Over the past several years, Blast Magazine has kept a watchful eye on the rising YouTube sensation, Evil Iguana Productions.  EIP originally gained notoriety for their sensational movie trailer spoofs of The Dark Knight and Twilight, along with their hysterical webseries, the Allen and Craig Show.  (Click to read previous Blast articles on these videos and their success.)

What started as a fun YouTube channel has morphed into a full-fledged production company run by the creators, Allen Murphy and Craig Deering.  But what have these young artists been up to as of late?

Not only have they filmed a full-length original screenplay that is set to release later this year; they have also written and created a new webseries that is debuting this week called Vigilant.  EIP is excited to reveal Chicago’s newest umm… superhero? in this hilarious, action-packed series.  The description and trailer can be found below.

Every city in distress needs a hero who is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of peace and justice. Unfortunately, Chicago has Wayne.

Being broke, single, out of shape, and mugged on almost a daily basis, Wayne defies all common sense and logic and decides to protect the people of Chicago under his super hero name, Watchdog.  This would be great for Chicago if he could fight, run, or even sneeze without breaking a bone or two.

From the YouTube channel that brought you the hit webseries, The Allen and Craig show, Evil Iguana Productions debuts their newest webseries, Vigilant.





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