One unexpected fall is all it takes for your shiny new iPhone 6 to die on you so it’s a good idea to invest in a case that can take a beating. There are plenty of cases out there that completely cover your phone and turn it into a bulletproof safe, but not only are these accessories expensive, they are also clunky and don’t always appealing. If you want a case that’s not only durable but lets you show off your cool device no matter how you personalize it, the STM Dux case may be the one you’ve been looking for.

Offering just enough coverage to protect your phone from all sides, the Dux case features reinforced corners made of a polycarbonate material that feels comfortable to the touch and provides a firm grip. Rubberized side bumps allow you to access your power and volume buttons while custom cut-outs provide enough room to access the mute switch, headphone jack, and lightning cable port without any issues. The speakers also have their own cut-out so your phone’s sounds are never muffled. The only thing that I don’t see a need for in its design is a small rubber loop on the bottom right corner for a lanyard attachment. Not only is it distracting, but it can dig into your palm if you grip your phone too hard. It’s great if you do decide to loop a lanyard around it, but it otherwise mars its sleek appearance.

duxcaseIn terms of durability, the Dux case is truly made to take a beating and will protect your phone from all kinds of falls. Now, I didn’t want to purposefully put my phone through some abuse, but I did with some precaution. I dropped my phone several times on purpose to test how it would fare against other cases I’ve used, and my phone also fell a few times by accident both screen-first and from its side. Fortunately, my phone survived every one of its falls ranging from 1 foot to up to 5 feet without any noticeable injuries. I also noticed that that annoying lanyard protrusion further cushioned the phone’s fall at times, so it’s surprisingly useful.

The back of the case features a cut-out for the back camera as well as a clear polycarbonate panel that exposes your phone. This reason, by far, is why you’ll want to get this case. I, myself, have attached a decal on my phone, and unless I’m using the Dux case, there’s no way anyone would be able to see what is. Its clear back is made out of a strong material too, so while it may get scratched a bit depending on how rough you are with it, you’ll rest easy knowing all parts of your device are safe from any kind of fall or accident.

Available for $20 right now on Amazon, STM’s Dux case is a great accessory for anyone wanting a stylish case that also provides great cushioning for your iPhone 6. Both red and black colors are available and its clear back allows you to show off custom skins or engravings without sacrificing protection. Sturdy and stylish, it’s the best of both worlds while still being affordable. We highly recommend you get one for yourself.

STM Dux Case for iPhone 6 review
Sleek and stylish, this is the case you want to get for your iPhone 6.
Things that worked
  • Durable and can take a beating
  • Clear back allows you to show off custom designs and skins
  • Material feels sturdy to the touch
Things that didn't work
  • Its seemingly useless lanyard loop protrudes too much
4.7Overall Score
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