We have been using the Phorus PS5 for a few weeks now, and all impressions so far are good.

It is one of the better wireless audio appliances I have ever tested, but that’s not necessarily the best news about the PS5.

You see, it is an appliance. You plug it in, station it somewhere, and beam whatever audio you want to it. And it handles that audio with grace and ease. The PS5 supports computer streaming, aptX and AAC Bluetooth, Airplay, app interface using Kindle, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, or iOS. It pumps DTS sound right through you that is comparable in quality to a stereo system that costs 2-3x more than the PS5.

At under $230, it’s a steal. You should go out and buy one right now. You can buy five of them and use DTS Play-Fi to create wireless multi-room audio that runs directly from your WiFi network.

Not done reading yet? Good. Because I wish it was ALSO portable.

Yes, I know I’m asking too much. The PS5 is a damn good appliance, but I wish it wasn’t just a refrigerator. I wish it was an Igloo cooler too. I wish I could take it outside and not need a power cable, because for $250 you can have a wireless speaker system that sounds just as good that also goes out with you.

I will also say that while the sound quality is good, it’s not great. The PS5 is small, and it feels small sometimes. The sound is not distorted, but it can be a bit…directional? It doesn’t have that Bose Wave Radio effect that fills a room. It sort of fills your desk space.

That said, I still like it.

The only thing missing from the Phorus PS5 is a battery
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