Blast Magazine was given an iCoffee Opus unit for the purposes of this review.

With the scary price of a cup of Starbucks and the general fervor with which Americans view their coffee, finding the right at-home coffee maker is no joking matter. That Cup of Joe in the morning can be all that stands between some people and total madness. Therefore, there are lots of options on the market for home brewing. One addition to the java world is the iCoffee Opus, a single serve brewer.

From the outside, the Opus has a pretty standard design, large but sleek and unobtrusive. It has the general look of a classic modern day K-cup brewer. Yup, K-cups. That’s one major feature of the Opus: it’s K-cup compatible.

The Opus is simple in terms of buttons. When you need to add water, the large clear water compartment flashes a vibrant blue, which is kind of funky. Another cool visual is a small window on top that lets you watch the machine’s SpinBrew technology twirl.

Flavor-wise, the iCoffee Opus brews a good drink. Fear not, your favorite K-Cups will still taste good here. The machine also comes with an iCup reusable cup for K-Cups lovers looking to save money and the environment.

A notable feature of the Opus is its Dial-A-Brew feature. Instead of employing the 3-cup size options you see on a lot of at-home coffee brewers, the Opus lets you choose any amount between 4 and 12 ounces. It even includes .5 increments as choices. Being able to choose 7.5 ounces of coffee to perfectly fit your mug instead of picking between just a few options is a nice perk. However, it can be inconvenient to figure out exactly how much your mug is in ounces, so there’s some upfront calculation involved. You have to get the hang of it, but worth it if you’re looking for more control over brewing amounts.

The beverage comes out in shorter spurts instead of one long burst, so don’t take the mug away until the light turns off! There can also be some splashing as the liquid pours in.

Overall, the iCoffee Opus is a great option for an at-home brewer, with Dial-A-Brew providing flexibility to the user.

The iCoffee Opus is available through Bed, Bath and Beyond for $139.99.

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