Among some of the weirdest celebrity couples are Tupac and Madonna, Danny Boyle and Rosario Dawson but a new couple has surfaced amidst these two strange couples on the list. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are apparently out on the dating scene – together.

Holmes, 36, moved to Los Angeles with daughter, Suri, 8, in August and appears to be spending quite a bit of time at Foxx’s house.

As of October 2013, Foxx, 47, denied such rumors that the two have become closer. But that was a while ago. According to People Magazine, “multiple sources confirm the pair have been spending time together for well over a year” but nothing is serious and the two are just having fun.

The two are nothing serious but it is said that Holmes will spend hours at a time at Foxx’s house and the two have been photographed together at a recording studio.


There is no doubt that this relationship will become a high-profile relationship but for now the two are just hand-holding and taking it slow.

Foxx has two daughters, age 20 and six, with two different women he has kept confidential.

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