The definition of  witty is to be “amusingly clever in perception and expression”.

WITTI, a California based tech & design firm is living up to the description.

Art, design and function all meet at WITTI, a polygon obsessed company that creates products that are minimal in design and surprisingly busy in function!


Polygonic, coined by WITTI, describes their cool little cubes of intellect and light that combine mood lighting and alerts for incoming smart phone texts, emails and calls.


DOTTI can be a clock, a game, a moving animated screen (hello throwback to space invaders!), play music off your smart phone and will even morph into the logo of FaceBook, Twitter or WhatsApp as a notification alert.  COOLxALOT!


DOTTI looks like a grown up version of Connect 4, and is loaded with activities, colors and sounds!



NOTTI is a modern version of a LED lava lamp.  Mood lighting plus notification in a rainbow of color choices.



The app allows you to synchronize with your NOTTI and personalize your alert color choices.


“With introduction of Notti and Dotti, our goal was to create unique smart solutions that combine mood lighting, design, and notifications into a minimal package with fine detailing,” said WITTI CEO, Alfred Wong. “Using smart design and unique shapes, we were able to develop products that become as much sculptural as functional.”

The simplicity of the design is surprisingly carried through to the price point (love that), DOTTI costs $79 and NOTTI costs $59.



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