WTF? As in What The Fact. Yet another Kickstarter has been launched to support the funds for a party card game but this game is unique in a sense that it has social media components to help players earn points.

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To play, the initials of every person playing is written on a dice, then there are “answer cards,” with words like “XTC Pills,” then there are the “fact cards,” like “In public restrooms I talk to people about [blank].” The dice is thrown in order to place a player’s name into the fact card.

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The game works like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity where the best, most “outrageous” answer card is chosen to win that round. To make the game even more interesting, players can tweet out their fact and answer card and even actually execute the card in real life to earn more points.

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Overall, What The Fact looks hilariously funny and is sure to bring out the giggles when playing with close friends, like when playing Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity.

The creator, Oliver Smith, is a lawyer “by day” and by night he is a game creator. This is Smith’s first game to be funded on Kickstarter. There are still 25 days to back the project.



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