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To the Spider-Man fans who have long bemoaned their favorite hero’s exclusion from the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe series: the wait is over. reports that the MCU (the product of Marvel Studios) will finally adopt the web-slinging super into its films.

The MCU, which features the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, along with many of their Avengers teammates, has always had an awkward spidey-sized hole. Despite his involvement with the Avengers in the comics, Spider-Man has never been able to appear in the franchise because Sony Pictures owns the film rights to the character. It’s the same reason the X-Men, whose film rights belong to 20th Century Fox, live off in their own little bubble of cinematic continuity.

However, on July 8, 2017, the world of superhero movies will take its first step towards peace and unity with the release of the long-desired MCU Spider-Man film. The film will be the sixth live-action Spider-Man adaptation since 2002, not counting the Broadway musical. Sony Pictures will still retain the film rights to the character.

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