Amazon Instant Video has launched a new season of original pilots, available now on their website. The 13 shows can currently be streamed for free, as part of an Amazon program that allows users to have a say in future content.

The streaming service invites users to give feedback on the different series in the format of an online survey. The feedback will help Amazon decide which series to grant full-season pick-ups to.

“Our first pilot season of 2015 brings some of the greatest storytellers in the business to Amazon customers with works of novelty and passion. We’re very excited by these shows and look forward to getting customer’s reactions,” says Roy Price, the vice president of Amazon Studios, in a statement on the Amazon website.


The pilots cover a wide variety of topics, time periods, and genres, and target three different age groups. In the preschool-aged children category are three animated pilots, Buddy: Tech Detective, Sara Solves it, and The Stinky and Dirty Show. In the children ages six to 11 category is another animated show, Niko and the Sword of Light, as well as two live-action ones, Table 58 and Just Add Magic.


The collections also includes seven pilots for adults, including The Man in the High Castle, which is based on the Phillip K Dick novel of the same name, Point of Honor, a Civil War-period piece, and The New Yorker Present, a docu-series. It also feature Mad Dogs, described by Amazon as the adventures of 40-something friends in Belize, Salem Roger: Model of the Year 1998, the story of a former supermodel, Cocked, starring My Name as Earl’s Jason Lee, and Down Dog, which Amazon calls “a satirical look at LA’s yoga culture”.


Stay tuned for Blast reviews of the pilots.


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