Is your old iPod dock sitting in a corner collecting dust and looking lonely as you utilize Bluetooth and other technological advancements that allow you to play your music wirelessly? Thanks to an innovative new product called skye from tech powerhouse Auris, you can utilize wireless technology to use your old docks and get more streaming power than ever before.

Auris founder and CEO Jay Shah wanted to give his customers the ability to bring this older technology into the modern world without the need to replace it. He came up with a product that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, or even iTunes on a wireless network that lets you play on AirPlay with DLNA support.

Just place the product onto your docking station and you can connect to a WiFi signal that gives you an even greater range than Bluetooth products. With skye, you can steam music through rooms and even continue to get a transmission through a wall or furniture.

For just $79.99 you can find a new purpose for your docking station.

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Aneri Pattani is a Blast correspondent and journalism student at Northeastern University

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