Theresa Roemer made waves when she debuted her personal “she cave”, a 3-story closet containing multiple millions of dollars worth of clothing, accessories, and a champagne bar. Critics dismissed her as vain and materialistic, and one opportunistic thief managed to make off with over a million dollars worth of her belongings. I sat down with Roemer in the aftermath of the She Cave robbery and the aftermath of her recent rise to fame.

On the Robbery:

When asked about the robbery, Roemer sighed. “Your home is your one retreat, your sacred sanctuary.” The robber took off with a million dollars worth of items, including Rolex watches and Birkin bags. Roemer shared that the violation of her home and personal heirlooms mattered far more than the expensive items. “The things can be replaced.” She cited a locket containing her deceased son’s hair as the most painful possession to lose.

On Her Critics:

“First of all, they don’t know me! If they did, they would know my heart is bigger than this world. I will to any lengths to help people – If I had to sell everything in my closets to help someone, I would do it.”

“My closets are materialistic, you’re right! But it isn’t just for me.” Roemer went on to list the charity events that have been held in the she cave, for organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Greater Woodlands Public Arts Foundation.

On the Birth of the She Cave:

No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve had pretty closets. Closets are a direct reflection of you – they’re supposed to be pretty! …I go to look at beauty. It’s a retreat. I go to reflect, and meditate, and pray. I have family photos in there, and I like to look at them as I get ready.”

On Ignoring the Haters:

“I’ve always told people – Do what you want in life. You just do what makes you feel good in your heart. There’s no one standing in the way of your success but you. At the end of the day, you have to live the life you want.


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  1. Chrissy Bernal

    There will always be critics no matter what you do. I never really understood why people would criticize Theresa, yet be perfectly okay with Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and MTV’s Cribs. SMH
    Keeping doing good things, Theresa. 🙂


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