Anyone that has played Mario Kart 64 remembers those classic melodies that bring back memories of racing with your pals and throwing shells at each other all while avoiding the chain chomps on Rainbow Road. It’s music to every gamer’s ears, and each Mario Kart game brings us even more songs to remember. Youtube user vini64 has managed to upload the entire soundtrack to Mario Kart 8 on Youtube, so you can listen to it every day until the game comes out. And trust us–you might just finding yourself pressing repeat a heckuva lot.

There’s a mixture of jazz, acoustic, and even some metal thrown in–and it all just sounds amazing. A lot of the newer tracks like Sunshine Airport, Dolphin Shoals, and Toad Harbor have a very breezy feel to that truly capture the feel of each stage. Classic tracks like Moo Moo Meadows and Tick Tock Clock have been remastered to sound even better than before, but they still still retain their classic jingles. Just imagine what they’ll sound like when you’re actually playing the game.

Mario Kart 8 comes out May 30th for Wii U.

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