It seems that the next logical step for the Civilization franchise involves moving towards the future by looking to the past. Civilization: Beyond Earth is the spiritual successor to the classic  Sid Meier’s Alpha  Centauri, one of the defining 4X space strategy games. The news highlights the first day of PAX East, a conference that has never been paired with high profile game announcements. 

The game takes place sometime in the future where an “incident” forces humans to find a home in another planet. The multi-lingual trailer gives the impression that you will be able to select from different nations like before. Five different victory conditions have been confirmed. A revamped technology upgrade system known as the “tech web” retools the linear tech tree from previous games and three unique ways of colonizing a planet, known as affinities, will make this one of the most versatile Civilization games.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is due out sometime this fall for PC.

CivBE_2 CivBE_3 CivBE_1


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